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When Dr. Bridget graduated NYU College of Dentistry her sister surprised her with a dainty little gold tooth to wear around her neck, to congratulate her on accomplishing her dreams,  and simply because she was obsessed with teeth. Since then she has never taken it off, and what has started as reminder of all her hard work, is now a testament to the career she has built. 


After countless inquiries, Dr. Bridget realized that the little gold tooth she wears around her neck, that reminds her everyday of how far she has come, has the power and ability to provide meaning to others on their dental journey.  


In true Dr. Bridget fashion, she custom designed a brand new tooth necklace, and added a little sparkle, so that she and all her fellow dental bosses can be #twinning! 



The tooth necklace is made from 14K solid gold in New York City and shipped nationwide. 


  • 14K Gold - Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold

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